Results of "Who is Baby Feder" Survey:


  Initials Boy Girl Weight Length Name Comments
  BM X   7lbs, 10oz 22" Shawn Michael Congratulations on a healthy child!
  OS X   7lbs, 3oz 19" Maxwell  
  CZ   X 7lbs, 2oz 17" Phoebe  
  HL   X 6lbs, 3oz 19" A Biblical name with meaning. No trendy name.  
  MP X   6lbs, 12oz 17" Stiff....  
  MM X   8lbs, 7oz 15"   Hopefully it doesn't look like a Feder, 'cause I've been looking at Feders all my life!
  ED X   8lbs, 1oz 14" Eric  
  DL X   7lbs, 2oz 16" Aaron  
  YP   X 6lbs, 10oz 19" Tiffany I am so excited to see little Feder when she arrives!
  DJ X   7lbs, 8oz 20" Forbes Feder  
  AD X   6lbs, 8oz 20" Christopher He has Stacey's nose based on the pictures taken in her 30th week.  Either way, I am very happy for both of you!! You will both be very loving parents
  RS   X 6lbs, 4oz 8" Doris Bernice Eunice Feder So what do I get? a new car? How about a vacation in Hawaii? 
  BD X   7lbs, 1oz 20" Marcus, Jr. (JK!!!)  How about Samuel? I can't wait to meet Baby Feder and I am so excited for you both!  I know you will be amazing parents!
  MBr   X 6lbs, 5oz 19"   Congratulations to you both.  Looking forward to meeting your little angel.
  DW X   6lbs, 3oz 19" Aaron Bruce  
  EG   X 7lbs, 6oz 21" It's Tough! so bummed i missed the shower! this is a fun game! 
  KL   X 7lbs, 1oz 19"   Probably a red head!
  YH   X 7lbs, 2oz 16" How about "Yul"  
  RF   X 6lbs, 8oz 20" Marli I wish you the best of luck!
  BA X   8lbs, 2oz 21" Brett of course!!  
  AH   X 7lbs, 11oz 19" Emily/Madison The baby will have little red curly hair-just like her mom!!!
  JK X   7lbs, 8oz 19" Joe, of course!  
  SKl   X 6lbs, 12oz 22" Ezmirelda Ezmirelda Juanita Shanaynay Ching Feder - it's a keeper!!!
  DT X   7lbs, 6oz 19" Daniel Anthony Feder  
  JW   X 7lbs, 10oz 21" Patti Way to go, Stacey and Marcus!!
  TR   X 6lbs, 7oz 18" Rose Feder Thanks for including me! I am so very happy for you both! I do not believe that I have even seen Stacey since she has been pregnant - so this is really a guess!
  TE   X 7lbs, 13oz   Susan  
  JB X   6lbs, 3oz 19" Maxwell  
  RC X   8lbs, 6oz 18" Alexander  
  CJ   X 6lbs, 8oz 18" Danica  
  MBo X   6lbs, 8oz 20" Jason  
  TL   X 7lbs, 4oz 18" Shelby It sure would help if you had just looked proper ultrasound angle!
  YS   X 7lbs, 2oz 20" Courtney or Madison I know that she will be a super cute baby with red curly hair.  Congrats guys!
  SKo X   7lbs, 5oz 18" Jonah  
  BB   X 6lbs, 7oz 18" Amber Best Wishes and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  DP X   8lbs, 4oz 26" John Allen I Hope for an easy delivery and both are healthy!!!!!
  AF X   8lbs, 8oz 21" David/Tal I hope I am right
  DM   X 7lbs, 11oz 12" Rachel  
  MF X   7bs, 5oz 18" Matthew  
  BS   X 6lbs, 14oz 19" Alexis  
  RK X   6lbs, 5oz 19" Alexander Alexander with a middle name that starts with J= "AJ" Feder
  AM   X 7lbs, 2oz 17" Karen  
  BF X   7lbs, 4oz Not Tall Blake, Jason, or Jared Marcus' Baby--Not Tall; Girl-Claire, Alexis, Lauren
NS X   7lbs, 3oz 18" Alexander, Alexis Gita  
SL   X 6lbs, 6oz 18" Alexis  
  RS X   7lbs, 19" 19"    
Totals: 25 22     As of August 19, 2004; 11:03PM  

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