Jonah Tyler Feder

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Brit Milah
Thursday, November 30, 2006:


You joined us in this world only eight days ago.  You were the light of our lives, the star of your own show.
Not at all aware of whats been going on around you.  Let alone a day like today, the day you become a real Jew.

Its a gigantic day for your mommy and daddy, and one well forever remember.
Well continue to be proud of you, Im sure.  Tomorrow and every day thereafter .

Jonah, we know you wont always do right in this world.  For that, your mistakes should always be your own.
Just like your namesake in the story, he learned that what you get out of life are the results of the seeds that are sewn .

The story of Jonah and the Whale is considered a Thanksgiving Prayer.
What a blessing you were to have arrived on that day with such beautiful golden hair .

The word Jonah also translates into "dove".  Which, to the state of Israel and the U.S., should one day during your lifetime bring peace and love.
Your middle name Tyler, sounded so right to your mommy and me, itll always remind us of when you came out of the oven that day, just like a little turkey.

Avraham is your Hebrew name, he was the first one to endure a Brit Milah.
It was also the name of your Uncle Avi whom we will always remember .

As I stand here today with your mommy and sister, Im also joined by your Mima and Nanna and Papa Neal and Papa Arie,
Gigi and your Grandma, aunts, uncles, Cousins, friends and other family.

In their honor and for those who have come before us, Id like to say a prayer written by one of your daddys closest advisors.
As you continue on your journey through life, please be sure to remember it always:

May your strength give us strength
May your faith give us faith
May your hope give us hope
And may your love give us love